Reporting Scheme for Unauthorised Building Works in New Territories Exempted Houses

List of AIB (HK) Qualified Personnel (Technically Competent Person T2 and /or above)

(List updated in December 2016)

Name Tel. no. Email Address
 Chan Ming Chung 陳明忠 6220 0622  jason62200622@hotmail.com
 Chan Pui Lun 陳沛倫 9383 5787  plchan427@gmail.com
 Chau Yu Wai, Terence 周裕偉 9833 5981  tc1466yw@gmail.com
 Cheng Kwok Keung 鄭國強 9819 9870  vick0517@gmail.com
 Kwok Wai Ho, Darrell 9867 7784  darrellkwok123@yahoo.com.hk
 Lau Wai Man 劉偉文 9623 9673  nlce@ngaluen.com.hk
 Lee Cheuk Hang 李卓鏗 9048 9763  alexchlee@hgcbroadband.com
 Lee Chun Wai 李振威 6833 2378  rightfaith01@gmail.com
 Lee Ho Tat 李可達 9842 2588  ericlee@wenama.com
 Luk Kwan Choy, Kevin 陸筠才 9656 1878  kevinluk0105@yahoo.com.hk
 Ng Ping Choy 吳炳財 9053 0435  davidng7@gmail.com
 Poon Hing Cheung 潘慶祥 9535 7685  horacepoon@gmail.com
 Ng Kam Tong 吳鑑堂 9095 9791  tom_kt_ng@yahoo.com.hk
 Tang Yuen Cheong 鄧元昌 9150 6865  ptang23@netvigator.com
 Yeung Kai Ming 楊啟明 5406 0510  bestway.consteng@gmail.com
 Yip Man Kong 葉文港 6438 8586  markusyip618@gmail.com
 Yuen Tsz Shun 阮子信 9043 5910  tszshun_yuen@vtc.edu.hk



AIB (HK Chapter) provides the list of Technically Competent Person T2 and /or above who are willing to serve the public for Safety Certification of the unauthorized building under the Reporting Scheme of Buildings Department.

AIB (HK Chapter) will bear no liability, warranty, guarantee or suitability of any particular members to act as Qualified Personnel for the above certification in any cases.